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My name is Oana and I inspire and empower women by discovering their beauty and strength in a combination session of Fine Art Portrait photography and life/career advice, based on extensive learning following wins and losses in my own life and from coaching.

For over 15 years, I explored and captured ladies’ often unnoticed beauty and built a number of businesses (photography is one of them).

Women of all ages and sizes allowed me to discover their spectacular self in front of my camera and left my studio with a smile and bursting with positive energy. I am honoured to have brought them to tears of joy when they saw their special photographs captured and printed.

I don’t just snap high street studio style photos, I save beauty for eternity and deliver it on archival prints that family and loved ones can keep for generations to come. I take time to understand you and your dreams and offer you the experience of a lifetime.

I met and photographed amazing women, not models, but mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. I had the pleasure to shoot from career women to artists, for business but also for their families and friends, or even in sexy poses for their hubbies.

The woman I love discovering and photographing will trust me when I say she is more beautiful than she ever imagined she was, despite what she thinks are extra pounds or arms that she dreads. This woman will let me show her that her beauty is perfect as it is right now. She will allow me to take the best portraits she has ever seen of herself and she will let me make her fall in love with herself all over again. She will treasure her portraits forever and she will remember to be proud of who she is whenever she will see them, over and over again.

If you avoided being photographed because you never look good in selfies and holiday photos unless you hid behind sunglasses, let me show you why “being photogenic” is a myth, a matter of skill and perception, not a matter of how truly beautiful you actually are! Stop being a ghost, your family will love to have some memories with you in them!

So, tell me, how would you love to be photographed?

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