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Welcome to my world, where dreams actually come true!

If you ever dreamed to be a princess, wear spectacular dresses and be pampered while soaking in goat’s milk, but this never happened, don’t worry, this is the next best thing of the 21st century. Next best thing only because I don’t really keep a tub in my studio, but everything else is here, waiting for you.

My amazing professional makeup artist and hair stylist will do fairy godmother magic, while I will bring my experience of over 11 years of photographing for beauty glossy magazines into creating the perfect day and most splendid memories for you. You will also get to choose and try my carefully picked dresses, all this while sipping prosecco and having the time of your life!

You will leave with a smile on your face and maybe even tears of joy in your eyes, although I would strongly recommend keeping the makeup and making the best of it for the evening.

After a couple of weeks, you will return and I will show you all the beautiful prints I have created for you and you will get to take the ones you want home with you right away. Then I will be looking forward to you dropping me a line after a while, when looking at them will have made your day brighter and better.

This is the dream place where there’s no hard selling or pushy manipulative techniques. In fact, I am the worst sales person you ever imagined and I will encourage you to only buy what you love, but me and my team will sure do our very best to offer you images that you will genuinely fall in love with forever.

No matter how much they decide to spend, my clients always seem to leave with an aura of joy and their heads up high. And my heart skips a beat every time this happens.

Get in touch and let me show you how beautiful you are right at this very moment!

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